Rum Keg

Our signature Mai Tai. Try the original or one of our 3 flavors!

Rum Giggle

(Serves two people) A combination of light rums, Amaretto, and juices. Only for lovers!

Kava Bowl

Light and aromatic rums, fruit juices, grenadine and almond syrups. (Serves four people)

Scorpion Bowl

A festive concoction of rums, fruit juices and brandy with a whisper of almond, and served with long straws. (Serves four people)

Home of the Original Mai Tai®
Mai Tai Wave
Surf this wave with us… Try three of our favored Mai Tai’s in one ride, Guava, Maui, Mango

For those merry souls who seek and enjoy a really refreshing drink:

The Sours
Coconut Drinks
Tropical Drinks
Hala luau
Trader Vic’s sling
Cherry Heering, gin, lime with subtle flavoring… Persuasive amunition for toppling giants.
Rangoon ruby
Don’t let the color fool you, Cranberry juice at its best.
Rhum cosmo
Fine Caribbean rum blended with pineapple and fresh lime.
Pogo stick
A refreshing blend of gin with pineapple and grapefruit juice… A real romper.
rum and vodka in a perfect blend.
The Strong

Pirates, Buccaneers and Beachcombers never bandy their drinking. For them we offer:

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Many delicious drinks around the world are made without liqueurs and with delicate flavours. We offer the following:

 Banana Cow
A refreshing blend of milk and banana


Warm Toddies

Hot grog has warmed the cockles of many stout heart for hundreds of years. With this in mind we offer:

Coffee diablo

A warm blend of brandy, cinnamon, and cloves with aromatic orange liquor and lots of caffeine. It will keep you going.

Coffee diablo

Hot coffee, strong rum and Grand Marnier flavors infused with cream of coconut.Served in a head hunter’s mug.

Falkland island warmer

Drambui, hot water & lemon juice.

Black Stripe

Fine Jamaican rum, honey, crushed cherries and spice.Served steaming hot

Tahitian coffee

A delectable blend of rum, and coffee with a special cream topping.

Irish coffee

Irish whiskey, coffee & fresh cream

After Dinner Drinks

Those special concoctions which complete a dinner:

Brandy Alexander

Based on the oroginal Alexander. This was a “Prohibition” favorite.


Khalua, Brandy and cream


Keeps you hopping. Light creme de cacao and creme de menthe.

White cloud

A delightful concoction of coconut and creme de cacao, laced with vodka

Trader vic’s after dinner

Light rum, Grand Marnier & fresh cream

Tahitian Mudslide

Gold rum, Baileys, amaretto, Kahlua and cream