Bar Bites

Bar Bites
Inaka-Ya Sushi and Sashimi

With condiments


Hawaiian Tuna Tartare

With avocado & taro chips


Caesar Salad/Chicken

With croutons & shaved parmesan


Trader Vic’s Salad

Mixed lettuce, hearts of palm, shrimp, Javanese dressing


chicken penne pasta

In a cream sauce with sun-dried tomatoes


prawns a la plancha

With garlic and coriander


Maui style Fish and chips

With Jalapeno tartare sauce


ragouts of escargots

Creole sauce & green peppercorn glaze


Spicy marinade chicken sandwich

With Aioli and French fries


trader vic’s beef burger

With French fries


singapore noodles

Curry flavored rice vermicelli