Dinner Menu


Tidbits and Pupus

Bits and bites meant to be shared

The Original “Cosmo tidbits”

The Trader’s most popular platter for two

Crispy Prawns, Crab Rangoon, Jalapeno Cheese Balls,  Lamb Ribs

Tempura fried calamari

Crisp calamari, fresh coriander, wasabi aioli

crispy prawns

Marinated and breaded in Japanese breadcrumbs

crab rangoon

Spiced crab and cream cheese filled wonton

Crispy vegetable spring rolls

round cabbage, onion, snow peas, carrot.

Sweet Chili sauce

jalapeno cheese balls

Cheddar and Emmental cheeses, fresh coriander, chopped jalapenos, golden fried


Beef Cho Cho

Rare beef skewers, soy-sake glaze, finished at the table over a flaming hibachi

kung pao chicken wings

Tossed in spicy sauce and topped with peanuts

bamboo chicken skewers

Curry spice, lime leaves & coconut milk marinade. Satay sauce



Soups, Salads & Starters


Won Ton Soup

Shrimp & chicken dumplings, cha siu veal, pakchoy, fragrant chicken broth

Tom Yum Kung

Thai seafood  soup,lemongrass, and kaffir lime broth

Prawns a la plancha

Grilled prawns, garlic-coriander butter sauce

Caesar salad/chicken

Romaine lettuce, lemon-ginger dressing, garlic croutons, shave parmesan cheese

Trader Vic’s Salad

Young greens, heart of palm, mushrooms, shrimps

Vic’s signature Javanese dressing

southeast asian duck salad

Gem lettuce, aromatic herbs, toasted rice, crisp Thai basil, chili, Asian lime vinaigrette

hawaiian tuna poke

Raw cubed Yellowfin tuna, soy chili dressing, avocado, crispy taro chips

inaka-ya sushi and sashimi

Mixed sushi, sashimi, and maki rolls with condiments




Trader Vic’s Favorites 

A mix of classic and newly inspired dishes from around the world


Trader Vic’s Own crispy duck

Five spice duck, scallions, cucumber, hoisin sauce, steamed mu shu pancakes

prawns san Francisco

Sauteed garlic, shallots, white wine and cream served with fried rice and sauteed spinach


Seafood Parillada

Mixed grilled seafood, sauteed spinach

Saffron espuma

New York pepper steak

Sauteed potato & Cognac black pepper sauce

beef flambe

Prepared table side, beef scaloppini, Trader’s signature French mustard and Brandy sauce

omani spiny lobster

Prepared with either: classic thermidor or grilled with garlic-butter sauce




Sesame Tuna steak


Black pepper and sesame seed crusted tuna lightly seared and served with honey-mustard sauce



From Our Woks
Vic’s pad thai

Stir-fried flat rice noodles, shrimp and chicken, tofu, toasted peanuts, fresh lime, tamarind chili sauce

Kung pao chicken

Vic’s classic recipe, marinated chicken & vegetables, roasted cashews, bamboo shoots

Szechwan chili sauce

beef kew pake

Wok’d beef tenderloin medallions, Jalapenos, shallots, Chinese broccoli, garlic black bean sauce

sweet and sour prawns

Tempura prawns, pineapple, onion, capsicums

Spicy Chili Hammour

Fried crisp, with ginger, garlic, peppers, onion, spicy herb sauce

Wok stir-fried seafood

Prawns, mussels, calamari, and hammour tossed in a spicy red curry

Chicken Chow mein

Stir-fried egg noodles, tender chicken and Chinese vegetables in oyster-soy sauce

singapore noodles

Curry flavored rice noodles, chicken, shrimp, beef char siu


Signature Wood-Fired Oven 

Our ovens are custom made similar to those made during the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. to 220 A.D.) Meats, fowl, and seafood are suspended from hooks and slowly cooked over a hardwood fire, producing a unique and original flavor.




Wood-Fired certified USDA Angus Beef

Served with sauteed potatoes and macadamia sauteed beans

Choice of Bernaise, mushroom cream or black peppercorn brandy sauce

280 gm New York Steak
250 gm Tenderloin Filet
350 gm Rib Eye Steak


Indonesian Rack of Lamb

Signature marinade, Singapore style curried noodles, BBQ pineapple, mango chutney

Vic’s house-made peanut butter sauce

Barbecue Piri-Piri half Chicken

Macadamia nut green beans and traditional fried rice

norwegian Salmon

Soy glazed and finished with chimichurri sauce, sauteed vegetables, La Ratta potatoes

Miso- glazed sea bass

Orange-miso seasoning, whole grain mustard sauce, Bali fried rice and asparagus


omani spiced Hammour

Spicy herb marinade, Bali fried rice, and citrus butter sauce



Sides and Accompaniments
Macadamia green beans

Lightly seasoned and sauteed

Vegetable fried rice

Traditionally prepared

Pake Asparagus

“Chinese” Style

Mashed potato

Creamy with garlic and seasonings

Bali fried rice

Toasted almonds and currants

stir-fried chinese vegetables

Served crisp

Sauteed or cream spinach

Garlic & spices